The Committee is the elected body of NAODS that does it’s level best to steer the society through the maze of modern times. Constantly striving to find the balance between fiscal stability, artistic direction and the ever important sense of fun it’s a job they all volunteer and are unpaid for.

The committee is elected / re-elected annually at the AGM. As at 2015 the current committee consists of :

  • Chairman : Kevin Benson
  • Vice-Chairman : Liam Goodyear
  • Secretary : Clare Benson
  • Treasurer : Kevin Benson
  • Members : Mike Chappell, Jayne Cubitt, Kelly Goodyear, Jake Hayward, Gaynor Matt
2 comments on “Committee
  1. Elizabeth Wood says:

    Hello Kevin,

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  2. Hi,

    I am Stewart, the new gala field manager and sit on the Nuneaton Carnival Commitee , I am looking for perform on stage for a 30 minute slot, which is located on the gala field. Would you be interested?

    Kind Regards

    Stewart OXFORD

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