Production Diary- RENT- 28.03.14

So we are rather close to curtain up and its all a-go!

The set/scaffolding is on its way, costumes are making flash appearances, the band are polishing their instruments and we are excited!!!
This time in 2 weeks, opening night will have been and gone and left our first audience singing ‘Seasons Of Love’ and feeling touched by this incredible show.
Feelings between the cast are a mixture of excitement and nerves, I have been chatting to Sophie Hayward this week who plays Mimi, a young girl living with AIDS, who dances in a club to feed her drug habit. She is loving the rollercoaster this character takes her on, she describes her as feisty yet vulnerable. Mimi is character she has always wanted to play as like many of us RENT holds a special place in her heart! She would like to invite you to come along and laugh, cry, be prepared to be a little shocked, but overall ‘celebrate life and love with us’.

RENT is a little different, and you may not know it or have seen it 100 times like most of your Rogers & Hammerstein type musicals, but I saw a phrase recently that perfectly describes why you should come and see this edgy show: ”Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone”

So ‘Forget regret, or life is yours to miss’ and book today today!! ‘No day but today!!!’

Oh and check out some of the amazing pictures on facebook and twitter!

Love, Cat aka Maureen x

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