RENT- Production Diary 04.03.13

Wow things are moving quickly now! Sunday was a very productive day in piecing together lots of scenes that have been worked on in different stages by different people, this is where it gets really exciting to see how it all slots in and is on the verge of becoming something fluid and closer to completion.

 We worked on setting ‘Contact’, an interesting song that I have mentioned before, which can be interpreted in many different ways. We have seized the opportunity for a bit of stylised dance which adds even more texture to this show!
Emotions ran high as we set the very powerful ‘I’ll cover you reprise’ sung by Paul Edmondson playing Tom Collins. If there is a dry eye in the house at the end of this one I will be surprised.
The set for the stage is a little different for this show, I don’t want to give too much away but it is a little more ‘interactive’, and this is true for some more than others… Sophie Hayward who plays Mimi Marquez get’s quite personal with it in her powerful song ‘Out Tonight’…. I’ll chat to her more about this piece next week- definitely one for the boys! But in general, the set offers a more 3D experience than many others that just use back drops and paint. It will throw our positioning into array  when we first get in I’m sure, but once we adjust its going to look fab!!
Kevin our director has kindly spent some time with his calculator recently and figured out that as of the start of Sundays’ rehearsal, we had 24 hours left of rehearsal time remaining between now and the show… since then, 4 have gone… no pressure then!
He also pointed out last night that during his 10 year ‘reign’ at NAODS, never before has he had so much fun with a show. Nobody could disagree with this, this show is addictive, its shocking, its sad and it is just fun! The audience will feel this too! So with… eeek…37 days to go… get in touch for your tickets! #nodaybuttoday!!
‘Cian Hawers’ / “Morgan Johnzon”  -I had to Travoltify my character name in respect to the original and best Maureen Johnson! #weloveyouIdinaMenzel
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