RENT – Production Diary 20/02/14

Sunday was a lot of fun at RENT HQ. We got on our feet and danced our asses off! (Some characters like my lovely Maureen takes this a little too literally….. ¬†you’ll see!). ‘La Vie Boheme’ is easily one of the most fun songs in the show; its rude, it’s crude, but mainly it’s a celebration! A celebration of life, of all shapes and sizes, people and the freedom to just be yourself. It’s also mocking the ‘Oh so serious Benny’s’ statement that ‘Bohemia is dead!’ It was really great to have all of the characters together, and although dancing on the tables has already nearly caused a couple of records in the ‘incident book’ (Roger and our MD…) it’s a lot of fun to be in. It should make quite an¬†explosion to round off ACT1.

‘To people LIVING WITH, NOT DYING FROM, disease…’

We covered another emotional piece in which we hear ‘Collins’, played by Paul Edmondson, pours his heart out! Only a Tinman… would have a dry eye by the end of this very moving scene!

We’ve covered a lot of songs now so we spent some of this week recapping everything. It was so nice to hear it all come together. There is a buzz amongst the cast now to build the scenes, characters and the chemistry between us! Tickets have started selling well too so it’s all becoming very real…. Eeeek! 47 days to go and counting!!!!

Ciao for now pookies!


Cat Harris


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