Production Diary – RENT rehearsals 13/02/14

At this week’s RENT rehearsals with NAODS, we sang through the finale song  and had one of those moments at the end of the song where we all looked around with either silly grins or tears in our eyes (or both in my case!).

It gave our director Kevin a platform for a speech anyway, letting us know how proud he was that we all knew the song the first time through, and sounded SO good!!  Usually it takes a little time and tweaking to come together but on this occasion we nailed it and it just shows the passion that the cast have for the show and it’s bloody exciting!!

We also covered a song this week that brings the principles closer as a cast…. the lyrics and theme are ‘interesting…’ and made many of us ‘adults’ giggle like a group of hormonal teenagers… Anyone who knows the show will know what I’m talking about, anybody new to the show, look up ‘Contact’ on YouTube (but don’t do this in a public place…).

This song also gives Angel some notes to nail but with a slight squeeze… he was well on his way and with plans to start setting some action to some numbers next week, i’m pretty sure he will be getting into his costumes sooner rather than later in order to get used to his changing more than just his clothes…

Ben who plays the part of Roger has been perfecting his rock n roll growl, with his birthday celebrations this weekend I am sure his voice at Sunday’s rehearsal will possess that ‘gravel’…
He is also even considering real tattoos prior to the show (this boy takes his art seriously). Next week I’ll catch up with him and how he feels about taking on a role he’s always strived for, after performing 2 different roles in RENT before!!

Bye for now pookies! Cat (Maureen) xx

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