RENT – Production Diary 10/02/14

So with just 2 months to go until we open, (Eek) we are really starting to feel the buzz of RENT at NAODS. We’ve covered a lot of ground with our musical director (Laura Slater), and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say how excited we are to put some action to this thing with Kev’s direction and Zoe’s choreography!

RENT is one of those musicals that not everybody knows but those that do know, LOVE, live and breathe it. I’m not ashamed to say I AM one of those ‘RENT heads’, so getting to play Maureen is very very exciting for me and she is currently taking over my life. Anybody who knows the character of Maureen will know she wouldn’t have it any other way!!

Personally, my focus at the moment is ‘Over the Moon’, Maureen’s crazy monologue protest…. It’s a challenging 5 minutes alone on the stage and the goal for me is to captivate the audience throughout the very random protest, whilst at the same time oozing the sexiness that Maureen must serve throughout!
The piece can seem like the ramblings of a crazy lady, but if you really listen to the message Maureen is trying to get across there’s a lot of depth to it, which goes for a lot of the writing of Jonathan Larson in this show. It’s probably been the biggest challenge I’ve ever had on stage and let’s just say ‘I’m working on it…’

As regards the one song most people do know from RENT, well the whole cast are sounding great when we come together for ‘Seasons if Love’ so I am confident we will do this song the justice it demands. Each week we are sounding better and better so there can be only good things to come!

Interestingly, Director Kevin Benson has been working very hard on his portrayal of Angel this week; a very camp, loveable character who unfortunately is living with AIDs. It’s a brilliant character that Kevin seems very comfortable playing much to his wife Clare’s confusion! However as she is playing my lesbian ‘honeybear’, all on stage is fair!

I’ll catch up with these 2 at rehearsals tonight and update you in the week! Bye for now!

Maureen / Cat Harris

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