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Production Diary- RENT- 28.03.14

So we are rather close to curtain up and its all a-go! The set/scaffolding is on its way, costumes are making flash appearances, the band are polishing their instruments and we are excited!!! This time in 2 weeks, opening night

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RENT- Production Diary 04.03.13

Wow things are moving quickly now! Sunday was a very productive day in piecing together lots of scenes that have been worked on in different stages by different people, this is where it gets really exciting to see how it

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RENT – Production Diary 20/02/14

Sunday was a lot of fun at RENT HQ. We got on our feet and danced our asses off! (Some characters like my lovely Maureen takes this a little too literally…..  you’ll see!). ‘La Vie Boheme’ is easily one of

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Production Diary – RENT rehearsals 13/02/14

At this week’s RENT rehearsals with NAODS, we sang through the finale song  and had one of those moments at the end of the song where we all looked around with either silly grins or tears in our eyes (or

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RENT – Production Diary 10/02/14

So with just 2 months to go until we open, (Eek) we are really starting to feel the buzz of RENT at NAODS. We’ve covered a lot of ground with our musical director (Laura Slater), and I’m sure I speak

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Rent – Production Diary

Coming Soon!

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